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SB-167 In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens

On May 10, 2011 Governor Martin O’Malley signed SB-167 into law, granting illegal alien college students the tax-payer subsidized in-state tuition rates, normally reserved for citizens of Maryland.  


In the summer of 2011, a petition signed last by over 110,000 Maryland citizens blocked the law from going into effect. This was an enormous success, because none of the many attempts to petition a law to referendum had made it to the ballot in the previous 20 YEARS.


Not only was this the first petition on the ballot in 20 years, but with the use of new pre-populating technology and the availability of the petitions on the web, there was an 82% rate of valid signatures. In previous years, the average rate was 50%, which disenfranchised thousands of Maryland voters from having a voice in their government. has made it possible for more Marylanders to have their signatures approved than ever before.


SB-167, the so-called “MD DREAM Act,” now forces taxpayers to pay approximately $16,000 of the college tuition costs for illegal alien students in state colleges, universities and a smaller amount for community colleges. Supporters of SB-167 use highly emotional and misleading arguments to justify their position, rather than rational considerations such as economic and financial impacts, fairness, legal requirements, and just plain common sense. Unfortunately, on November 6, 2012, 58.9% of Maryland’s voting citizens will chose to uphold the referred law.