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Bathroom Bill Out of State

Stop SB 212 - the “Bathroom Bill”

What is happening in Maryland could happen all across the country if we do not stop it now. You can help stop this legislation by sponsoring a referendum petition signature now.

While only Maryland voters can sign this petition, this bill will have far reaching consequences for the whole country if it is not stopped in Maryland now.

Please help stop the “Bathroom Bill” by sponsoring a signature now.




Sponsor a signature to keep the “Bathroom Bill from spreading.

55,736 signatures must be collected by June 30 and a minimum of 75,000 total signatures are needed to reach this goal.

California recently passed and then petitioned a similar bill. The petition is still in litigation because while the petition organizers submitted over 100,000 signatures more than the total needed, only 79% of the signatures were deemed valid by the state of California and that brings the total to slightly less than the required number.

One signature on the petition costs us just over 75¢. Your donation will enable us to collect and process the signatures it takes to stop this dangerous bill from spreading to other states.

There is a lot of misinformation being spread and we need your help to combat those lies with the truth.