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About MD Petitions exists to help people have a say in their government.

We are a group of Maryland citizens who recognized the need for common-sense in our state government.

In the past several years, laws have been passed by a liberal-leaning legislature in Annapolis that simply do not make sense. Often these laws were passed on the last day of the legislative session and buried so that many voters did not even know they were passed. These laws were passed without any viable check from the Maryland voters and over the objections of minorities in the legislature.

Maryland's Constitution contains a provision for the people to petition a law and bring it to referendum for the people to vote. However, this provision contains so many different requirements for the petitions submitted, making a successful petition effort extremely difficult. Additionally, many people did not know where to sign a petition form, and the short time-frame allowed to collect the signatures further reduced the chances for success. devised an on-line system to overcome some of these hurdles. The program captures the specific information of each voter from the Board of Elections so that there is no room for error. People wishing to sign the petitions now have a central place on-line to get their own petition form, without wasting time trying to locate a local petition site.

If enough people feel strongly about an issue, we feel strongly that it is important to let the people vote on it.