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Why should you care about redistricting?

Career politicians would like to tell you that redistricting doesn’t matter and that we should just accept the crazy congressional redistricting lines that they’ve drawn for us.

In fact, redistricting affects every household in the state. Maryland should have districts that represent communities and groups of people. As an example, a district should allow the City of Baltimore to be represented by a congressman devoted to their causes, Anne Arundel County to theirs, Prince George’s County to their causes and so on.

Maryland’s approved Congressional map purposefully spreads out minority votes so that they cannot compete with establishment politicians. African American and Hispanic Districts are split up to keep white-establishment liberals in control and to minimize minority voting power. Rural voters and Republicans are combined into one large area in District 1 and then separated and combined with densely-populated urban areas in other districts to snuff out their voting power.

The map needs to give fair representation to all, and we have the power to overturn this severely gerrymandered map through the referendum process. Let’s demand true representation and overturn the current map [link to map].

True or False

Maryland has one of the most gerrymandered congressional districts in the nation


According to Azavea, a GIS research organization.Of our 50 states, 44 must redraw congressional districts due to new 2010 census numbers. The remaining 6 states only have one representative due...

Gerrymandering doesn’t affect election outcomes.


Research by Azavea found that gerrymandered districts:

  1. Reduce electoral competition by creating ‘safe seats’ for pre-selected individuals
  2. Reduces voter turnout by diminishing...

Maryland voters can’t really overturn a map already approved by our legislature?


Yes you can!  That is the wonder of democracy – WE THE PEOPLE have the final say and this has been done before! 

After the 1960 census, former Governor Tawes tried a similar stunt –...

It doesn’t really matter if the map is overturned. The legislature will just change a couple of lines and give us the same map again.


Overturning this gerrymandered map will send a huge message to Annapolis that the citizens do not like being used as pawns in the drawing of congressional districts. 

Every Delegate and...