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Should Illegal Aliens Get In-State Tuition Benefits?

On May 10, 2011 Governor Martin O’Malley signed SB-167 into law, granting illegal alien college students the tax-payer subsidized in-state tuition rates, normally reserved for citizens of Maryland. A petition signed last summer by over 110,000 Maryland citizens blocked the law from going into effect. On November 6, 2012, Maryland’s voting citizens will choose whether to reject this controversial law via Referendum #4.

SB-167, the so-called “MD DREAM Act,” forces taxpayers to pay approximately $16,000 of the college tuition costs for illegal alien students in state colleges, universities and a smaller amount for community colleges. Supporters of SB-167 use highly emotional and misleading arguments to justify their position, rather than rational considerations such as economic and financial impacts, fairness, legal requirements and just plain common sense.

Below is a list of common arguments used in support of in-state tuition for illegal aliens - - as well as the relevant facts which all Maryland citizens should know before committing their vote on November 6.

True or False

The MD DREAM Act will help the children of immigrants afford college.


Any child born in the U.S., including children of illegal immigrants are automatically citizens and are already eligible for in-state tuition if they meet Maryland residency requirements. SB-167...

Military Families Will Be Hurt if the Dream Act is Overturned


The Maryland DREAM Act creates in-state status for active duty military families  residing, domiciled, or stationed in Maryland as well as veterans who register within 4  years of discharge....

The Dream Act Helps Children


College students are not “children.” They are young adults, old enough to drive, work, vote, marry, own a home and join the military.

To qualify, their family needs to have paid Maryland taxes for the last three years.


The law says the illegal alien student or parents must have FILED Maryland income tax forms for the last three years. Filing forms does not mean that one actually paid taxes, had taxes withheld...